#3 The trouble is, you think you have time…

That is my biggest problem.
I always think I have time.

I have always been a very relaxed person and definitely not very conscious of our good friend called Time. For example, starting my blog was easy. Writing my next post became difficult as I failed to manage my time wisely.

Don’t get me wrong. I am not a lazy person. (Well I hope I’m not). I just fail to fit in what I need to do at the right time of the day. The problem is I think I have time.

When I think about it, the amount of time I lose during the day is actually frightening. Time that I will never get back. Lost Time.

I still remember the day I lost all conscience of time. The day that changed everything about me and my life. It seems like yesterday. And for all I know, it could be. Since I have no conscience of time anymore.

But surely, I, of all people should realise the value of time. After all, I had limited time with the person that mattered most to me, and did we make the most of the time we had or what! We surely did. Before the moment that I lost this person the watch on my wrist was in constant use. Now I feel that it is just there out of habit of wearing it every morning.

In my heart I know that this most amazing person in my life would have never wanted this for me. To waste my life on sheer nothings? No. It is time.
It is time to reclaim my life back and get back to some normality.  To embrace each morning as it wakes me up. To find the TIME to do what I loved doing.

You will understand if you have lost a certain someone who had a special place so close to your heart. Losing them means losing a piece or many pieces of yourself. Sometimes all of you.

But my special person was never like me. Time was very valuable to this person and every minute of every day was lived to its fullest capacity, come rain or thunder.
That itself, should be a lesson for me.

Trust me when I say that typing out this post isn’t an easy task. Tears well up as I force them to go back where they came from. It may be the first time I am speaking publicly about my loss. My loss of some one very special.

And this may be the very reason I started this blog.

A Great Woman’s Daughter


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