#2 She is fire…

I have been lucky enough to have grown up and met many strong women along the way in my life. I’d like to think it was all because of my dearest mother. They say great attracts great. I can agree with that 100%. This is not to say that i haven’t met my fair share of women that had nothing but negativity or, well, nothing!! at all to contribute to my life. We all meet them, at some point or the other.


My question today, is what is it that makes a woman a woman? When, is she considered to be a woman? According to the world we live in today, you are a woman if you have something to show the world. A job worth bragging about, a body worth flaunting, a man worth posting pictures with on social media, having a son instead of a daughter, (yes! some people still conform with this belief.) or having children at all. The list goes on.

Think about it for a minute. Isn’t your social media COVERED with all of the above?? Don’t get me wrong. I have absolutely NOTHING against the above women. In fact i have utmost respect for them. This may seem very contradictory to the reader so let me make myself clear. I have a great sense of respect for all the women taking a step forward to start up businesses, blogs, social media pages which show case their talents, be it, make up, fitness, home decor etc.
The internet has truly opened up doors to women who choose to multi task between their families and work. But i ask you again. What is it, that makes a woman, a woman?

The picture that comes to many minds is, a strong, beautiful, tall woman, probably in a work suit, her hair sitting perfectly. She has a look of being completely independent yet she carries a look of being sassy and playful. She has her hands on life! (These do exist by the way. Thumbs up to you!).

But what about the rest of the women? Why does no one talk about them? Are they not considered to be the kind of women accepted into the genre of women that have it all? I disagree whole heartEdly and I am here to bring them to the limelight!

When i think of a strong woman, what comes to mind, is an ordinary woman. I see them everyday. At the end of the day when we are all in the shopping isles, reading the ingredients behind a food item to see if it contains any traces of anything that may be harmful to their family, waiting in parking lots to pick their kids up, in doctors rooms reading a magazine but worried about their sick child, the girl who is trying to make it on her own… The list goes on.

I have come across women who work and have kids and look down on stay at home women or mums. I have also met women who stay at home and judge women who choose to go to work “instead of staying at home to tend to their kids and husband”.
Women are truly one of the most extraordinary creatures! In my belief, we bring each other down, and ourselves down too, a lot more then we think men actually do. Wouldn’t it be great if we all stood up and for each other. The world would truly be a different place. Imagine the strength and power we would feel when we unite as one! I have given this a lot of thought in the past, and i finally decided to experiment on it. 3df665197d3eef77ec56a63d08875f43

And so i started a simple act of complimenting or encouraging them on the work they do, be it on their social media pages or straight up to their face. I found that a lot of women didn’t care to show any appreciation towards the compliments on their social media pages. It seems as though their busy schedule only permits them to post things and then respond mainly to negative comments backing themselves up. Compliments just ride through freely. (This was done mainly on personal accounts or smaller pages with fewer followers where the page owner could actually read every comment.)
However, the feeling this experiment gave me was incredible. Telling another woman that their idea was great or that their style was totally on point or just that are absolutely gorgeous started a little light inside me. To be honest its become a little addictive. Wherever i feel that a compliment is due, i no longer hold back. Passing on a little positivity to others has given me a sense of pleasure i cannot describe. I feel that i have taken a step towards helping a fellow woman to feeling great inside as well as giving them some assurance that they are doing a good job at what they do regardless of whether they respond. The reward lies within me!

So, what makes us women? My answer is long and simple.
She is one that carries herself with dignity. She picks herself up when she falls. She is so strong, she carries a family through storm after storm. She is God Sent. She is kind. She is BEAUTIFUL on the inside just as much as she is on the outside. She uplifts other women, and spreads her love, her kindness, her wonderful ideas and positive vibes, to all those around her who, in turn spread theirs onto others…
After all, She Is Fire.


(I’d love to hear from any of you if you decide to take on the Complimenting Experiment.)

Yours Truly,
A Great Woman’s Daughter


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