#1 First Blog Post

Well, Hello there!

Here i am, starting my very own blog. I know very well that i am not the first, nor will i be the last to start a (hopefully) very interesting blog. My mission is to pass on what i have learnt or seen in the years that i have been treading this beautiful planet. I want to be the reason someone has hope to carry on another day. No, not because i feel that i have incredible positivity powers that can turn a solemn day into the brightest day. No. I just want to give back what has been given to me.

I have been thinking of starting a blog for ages! But truthfully, I never had the courage to do so. I thought that i didn’t have enough to contribute to others. Wrong! We are each so unique, everyone walks different paths in life, so therefore, i must have SOMETHING that i can write about! And oh how i love writing. There is something about being able to express your thoughts through a pen and paper. Or in this case, my laptop. The satisfaction is equally the same.
Next Dilemma: What should my blog be about? I love books. All kinds of them! Fiction, Non-Fiction, Mysteries, Biographies, Old Books and New. I am big on Conservation of our environment, a huge animal lover and crafts get me going on a serious happy high. I have suffered loss and writing about it helps. I am in awe of women and the abilities we all have. No i don’t think we are superior. I have just come across many women who have shown me the power of being a Great Women.
And so it was settled. My blog was going to be about anything and everything.

So here goes fellow bloggers. I hope that what i came here for can be achieved.

Have a beautiful day/night wherever you are.

Lots of love,
A Daughter of a Great Woman.



6 thoughts on “#1 First Blog Post

  1. I cannot wait to read more and see where your blog goes! I am nominating you for the Liebster Award! ❤


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